CORE Groups

Core Groups are covenant-based, spiritually formative groups designed to help every adult in our church connect relationally and grow spiritually.

Our groups gather regularly in homes and elsewhere around our community on various nights of the week. Finding the right fit for you and your family will be one of our highest priorities.

Core Group sign-ups begin January 20th in the church foyer and meetings will begin the week of January 28th.  

If you have not connected with a Core Group and would like more information, call Pastor Mike (360.577.1100) or email

CORE Guide

Each week before our CORE groups meet, we ask that those who participate take some time to complete the CORE Guide.  The CORE Guide is an extension of the Sunday sermon, designed to further engage with the text for the week and to provoke thought and discussion in the CORE groups.  

For an example of a 'typical' CORE guide Click HERE.

  If you are interested in joining a CORE group contact Pastor Mike in the church office.