Family Life

We believe that when all is said and done, parents are the single most influential part in your child's life.  You, more than anyone else lead, teach and set an example for them.  As a church, our job is not to be the parents, but to partner with families and equip parents to lead their families in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

At every level of development our goal is to provide children with Biblical teaching to encourage them to follow Jesus and to be his disciple.  We hope that your child will share with you what they learned in their classes and that you, in turn, will share what you learned and experienced though worship and study. Our goal from the youngest to oldest is to develop the next generations to be committed to loving God and loving each other. 

Join us for Family Sunday every first Sunday of the month. Here you will find an interactive service for kids and adults alike.

@Home with LCN Family Min

Hey hey hey! We are starting something new while students are out of school and parents are trying to figure out what to do! 

We will be posting a daily activity, challenge, or educational resource for students and parents. Here’s what the weekly schedule will look like:

• Make It Monday - Kids have an opportunity to do something crafty! Look for handmade crafts or new recipes to try out. Most things you can find in your home! 

• Teach Me Tuesday - Find new learning tools and resources. Well have some fun science projects, books to check out, and fun learning objectives. 

• Wash It Wednesday - We all have to do chores at some point. Check here on how to make daily chores a fun and exciting activity. 

• Thoughtful Thursday - We will be sharing ideas for service projects and ways to love our neighbors through this crazy time. 

• Family Fridays - Just because you’re at home all week doesn’t mean the fun stops! Check here for ways to engage with your family, new games to play, activities you can do together and new things to try out. 

We will also have Storytime with Pastor Katy on weekdays at 1pm. Join us for a chapter a day of The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis. You can find the live stream link for Youtube HERE and the Facebook link HERE. 

We know these days bring so much uncertainty, but we are here to walk through life with you! Hopefully these can offer a sense of stability and something to look forward to each day (and help parents to keep their sanity.) 

Let us know how we can serve you best!

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