20 Something's Young Adult Ministry

The years between 18-29 are tough. You've graduated high school, you are starting a career or going to college, you graduate college, start a new job, move to a new city, find a home, maybe find a spouse and start a family....the list goes on. You're shifting from adolescence to adulthood and we know that's not an easy transition to make, especially not alone! Sometimes it's hard to plug into a place at church geared towards people like you going through this part of life. Our 20 Something's Group will be geared towards figuring out life and understanding who God is calling us to be as young adults. Whether you are struggling with life or you are one of the rare who has it all figured out, or maybe you are somewhere in-between, this is the group for you! 

We have just started a 'young adult' Sunday School class.  We meet downstairs in the church at 9:15 Sunday mornings.

(Even though the group is called "20 Something's", it is open to those ages 18-29)

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